Cultivating Exceptional Leadership: Why I Created Altea Group

Why I Created Altea Group

I’ve been in and around leadership for decades, as a leader and as a team player. Here’s what I’ve noticed.

Leaders want to do their best and they want great results.

Sounds simple. Right?

Excellence in leadership requires the kind of awareness, compassion and consistency that generates thoughtful decisions. Exceptional leadership reduces reactivity, inspires employees and teams to shine, and brings value to the organization – and beyond.

Let’s get real – this is a tall order.

I know the challenge, because when I became the leader of an organization, I, too, wanted to do great things. But how? My gut told me that if I developed my leadership capacity and led with authenticity, the organization and my employees would thrive.

On the advice of a colleague, I invested in a leadership coach to help me become the leader I knew I could be.

My coach encouraged me to reflect on where I stood as a leader, and where I wanted to be. Her powerful questions pushed me to rethink my beliefs and assumptions and to consider new ways of engaging my team and stakeholders. With clarity around my strengths and purpose, the path forward opened up. I set measureable goals and held myself accountable – without judgment. The results were extraordinary.

My work with a leadership coach paid off for the organization, and it also changed me. The experience ignited my desire to pay this learning forward – to help other executives who aspire to be a remarkable leader.  

I believe that each of us can be an exceptional leader.

That’s why I formed Altea Group. It’s my mission to help leaders and organizations move beyond barriers toward excellence.

As a leadership coach, facilitator and professional development trainer, I challenge and support those who are willing to step in to awaken their leadership potential. My diverse background in law and leadership in both the public and private sector offers an experienced and candid perspective to leaders, no matter the industry.

The name “Altea” is derived from the Greek philosophy of Aletheia, which encourages the discovery of your most authentic truth by uncovering and removing layers of obstruction.

At Altea Group, we harness this philosophy to partner with you, your team and organization to clarify your thinking, challenge conventions, and eliminate what stands in the way of your excellence.

Explore today to discover how our proprietary Mindful Methods can be a catalyst for turning your vision into value.

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